Adam Bowen is a software developer who started commercial software development in 2007. He has worked on a wide variety of products, including two high accuracy fingerprint matching algorithms, biometric access control (both as an SDK and a first party product), workforce management, construction site management (including “cloud” based products), electronic image management for police forces, tools for visualising medical DICOM images, and a highly scalable HPC debugger and profiler. He has a cat called Toffee.


He is interested in what it takes to make software development work in commercial environments, everything from deciding what features are important, through specification, testing and delivery. He’s an advocate of agile development, and any software practice that emphasises iteration as the basis of quality. He’s most familiar with C++, JavaScript and Python - but doesn’t think the tools define the programmer.

This blog is a place to collect his thoughts and philosophies on software development, if you’ve worked with him in the past, work with him now, or think you might want to in the future you might find it worth a read. If not, you might still find it worth a read - but there is a wealth of other information out there too!

Why Deus ex machina?

“Deus ex machina” literally means “god from the machine”, it reflects my interest in machine learning as well as the idea that (for many) software can be a kind of magical black box. It does not imply anything about the abilities of the author!

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