Consort CMake

Consort CMake is a set of opinionated functions and macros for CMake designed to make managing large projects easier.


The Consort syntax for creating targets is designed to look "declarative", making it easier to read and remember how to add new targets. Stop worrying about your build environment and start focusing on your code!


Out-of-the-box support for YASM assembly makes it as painless as possible to add ASM optimisations to your code that will behave the same way regardless of the targeted compiler. Consort adds plenty of convenience macros as well, so when your assembler needs to know about the target platform you can easily use the YASM preprocessor to switch on the appropriate instructions to handle platform specific calling conventions.


Out-of-the-box support for Qt makes it easy to incorporate Qt into your build. Consort can find Qt for you, and perform much of the configuration necessary to build Qt UI files, resources and translations into your code.


Out-of-the-box support for Boost means you can easily make use of the boost libraries in your code. Consort will sanitise the boost libraries as much as possible to make sure you have an easy to use and consistent cross platform build.


Consort's built in module system makes it easy to share code, without slowing down your build by introducing targets that don't need to be built. Consort will automatically detect when you link to a module, and include the CMake code necessary to build that target. Plus, no more merge conflicts on the top level CMakeLists.txt as it won't need updating as often.

And more...

Consort includes numerous other options and default configuration to help you get your project up and running faster, including automatically setting suitable warning levels, adding consistently named #defines for architecture and platform, and tools to copy required resources to your build directory.

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